In the Voice of Jannah

By Hafsa Kapadia, Jenn Fannoun, and Hana Al-Harastani

A jewel-encrusted crown for a verse recited. Chalets of crystal sparkling on the horizon for a soul that gave up sins. Tree trunks of green emerald and branches of gold for a dhikr oft-repeated. Each of your shuddering breaths, every second of discomfort you faced, and every one of your sacrifices—all have been accounted for, returned manifold with sights and rewards unimaginable. Built by your deeds and decorated by your du’as, Jannah longs to meet you.

So what would Jannah say if it could speak? This poetry anthology takes on Jannah’s voice to motivate us towards it. Inspired by the episodes of Jannah: Home at Last and descriptions from the Qur’an and Sunnah, you’ll find on each page topical poems that touch on the many wonders of Paradise, from the grandeur of your palaces to the deepest sense of peace you’ll find in its forests. Immerse yourself in these words, O hopeful soul, and find the motivation to work harder for your eternal home.

What’s in the book

  • Poems featured in the Jannah: Home at Last series
  • Never-before-seen poems inspired by each episode of the series


Hafsa Kapadia - Author #1

Hafsa Kapadia

Hafsa Kapadia is a creative writer passionate about bringing information to life through lyrical storytelling. She holds an MA in Teaching from CUNY Queens College with a background in Middle Eastern studies and has served as an educator and youth coach.

Jenn Fannoun - Author #2

Jenn Fannoun

Jenn Fannoun has a degree in environmental education and communication. She also studied journalism and has served as a copywriter, columnist, grant writer, and editor for various newspapers, nonprofits, and Islamic organizations.

Hana Al-Harastani - Author #3

Hana Al-Harastani

Hana Al-Harastani is a creative writer and storyteller. Equipped with a pen and a passion to serve her community, she uses the power of storytelling to connect people to knowledge. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida and has a background in English rhetoric and composition.